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We are passionate about fitness, and health analytics. What can be measured can be reached!


We build the most amazing tech that guides you in real time while you’re working out. No more wondering if you’re doing it correct, if in 3 months you will reach your goal … intelliWeights knows 12 times per second that you’re right on track, and guides you.

Every move, every workout, intelliWeights is there as your personal trainer. No more guessing, no more wondering.

intelliWeights is the perfect blend of a modern, innovative gym equipment that provides data driven and personalized training in real time to beginner and expert lifters. 

It takes 3 minutes to upgrade the weight machine and one lifting set to never go back to the old ways. 

Why intelliweights?

Auto-records WHAT you are doing ... how you’re doing it!

Guides you in the gym - when and where you need it the most...

Your AI in gym trainer - a quick look and you see what body part are lacking!

Scoring, best weight selection for your goal, muscle, fatigue - all in REAL-TIME

intelliWeights trainer sees the UNSEEN - using advanced research and AI to know your REAL-TIME effort levels...

what is visible is now reachable:


all your Questions

all your Questions have 1 answer

all your Questions have 1 answer

have 1 answer

How can I have a better gym for my clients?

How can I upgrade my equipment?

How can I attract more clients? 

How can I increase commitment and reduce giving up?

How can I have more personal training clients? 

How can I improve my online coaching?

How can I increase my professional popularity? and become international

How can I modernize  my workout?

How can I know the 80% of my 1RM?

How can I know if my workout style is the best for me?

How can I track my progress?

How can I tell when i should truly stop? or push for one more rep? or drop the weight? or...

How can I ...? 

How ...?

How ...?

How ...?



Don't count reps, make reps count

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