what makes 

a great fitness app?

what makes 

intelliweights better?

How does

it work?

They tell you the WHAT to do. 




You'll know in real time HOW you're doing.
We go beyond telling you what is optimal. We guide you in achieving it. 





A real time, data driven and personalized training, analyzing every move, every workout.


The AI trainer checks the correctness of your workout 12 times per second.  



medical science


another fitness app?

"lift hard, eat clean, drink a lot of water, sleep well. easy bro'."


there are 5 million results in google for: fitness app.

Everybody knows how to lift and train others.  

Make your workout count every time!

Don't guess! measure!

the evolution of fitness technology

intelliweights brings

the power of the hardware

what intelliweights gives you?

Guidance & optimization

WEIGHTS: how much you lifted/should lift

REPS: how many you did/should do

SETS: how many you did/should do

Progress tracking?

AUTOMATIC: you can focus on your lift, we record all relevant info

OBJECTIVE: your intensity depends on several things, pushing to your best each time is on you


COMPARABLE : through times, exercise, muscle group and strength


optimizes the

workout plan to you

what makes intelliweights better?

How does it work?

intelliWeights was specially designed to fit most weight machines and free weights.

Using a laser it tracks every rep and every set you lift.

FATIGUE: push for results, stay away from injury

CORRECTNESS: maximum concentric contraction

INTENSITY: optimized for your goal

EFFORT: maximum concentric contraction


intelliweights  gives

you feedback!

every rep, every set

How does it work?

Auto-records WHAT and HOW you are performing your lift!

Guides you in the gym, when and where you need it the most.

Your AI trainer shows you what body parts are lacking!

Scoring, best weight selection for your goal, muscle, fatigue - all in REAL-TIME

intelliWeights trainer sees the UNSEEN - using advanced research and AI to know your REAL-TIME effort levels...

If you are a gym owner

If you are a lifter

if you do

band workouts

Gym pro


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