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auto tracking

How is STRENGTH tracked?

We have developed algorithms to aproximate your max strength while you use lighter and safer wieghts. No need for a 1RM test or injury. Strength is based on your current motion, and handleing of lighter weights.

How is SIZE tracked?

We are keeping track of a complex measurment of workout Volume: reps, sets, weights while also tracking intensity and power of those movements to give you an easy way to visually see which muscles will grow.

Whats the MUSCLE MAP?

This is an easy way to see which muscles are lacking, slacking or growing. It is based on your weekly intensity on that specific muscle, according to how you progressive overload it throughout time. The A.I. needs 1 week, and 1 exercise per muscle inorder to begin calculating this for you. It will always begin red until it learns you personally.

live guidance

How is SCORE calculated?

We developed an algorithm spanning years of sports science research that best predicts fitness/health results. It is a combination of the path and range of motion, velocity, timing, and power of your rep motion. This live intensity score is your best predictor of success, focus on getting high scores.

What's the workout check mark?

Never wonder or ask how many reps again. intelliWeights is measuring live, and will give you a set verification when the muscle has reached a point of nueromuscular fatigue according to the goal you set with your vTrainer. Whether 5 or 20 reps, depends on how youre feeling, hydration, sleep, and intensity your working out with. A verification means you have done enough reps in that set for the benefit.

What's the FOCUS message?

We are detecting a rep that has gone through the motion, but the muscle wasnt the primary mover. This can be caused by swinging rather than contracting the muscle, or an unFOCUSed muscle contraction.

What's the FATIGUE message?

We are detecting a muscle trend of fatigue, you should be cautious in continuing. A fatigued muscle can lead to bad form and injury. You do not need to stop, but should be cautious and deliberate in safe movements.

What's the FORM message?

You have done a rep that didn't have the correct travel path, rep range or postional form.


What is intelliWeights?

We are a group of doctors, scientists, and engineers dedicated to giving you the best modern fitness technology for resistance movements: bands, free weights, machines, body weight. We use a combination of clinical research, A.I. and fitness hardware sensors to give you results from medical labratories in an easy to use solution.

What are the fitness BARS?

They measure the power of your muscular concentric contraction. Focus on large bars for benefits in power, strength, sugar depletion, and GLUT activation.

Why do I get RED BARS?

This is an alert of detecting an abnormal muscular movement: fatigue, lack of mind muscle connection, etc.

How do I use the bars during a workout?

Very complex question, but short answer: Erratic bars could mean a lack of muscle control. A drop of bar height is a fatiguing muscle or a bad rep. You should strive to have even and large bars for max results, cautious of injury at red bars, and stop before a deep fatigue (multiple consecutive red bars).

How do I choose my trainer?

Which trainer looks the best to you, choose them based on your future goal. Your vTrainer choice will personalize the experience, guidance, and entire app differently. You can change vTrainers later in your profile, as your goals change.

device vs. camera A.I.

Whats the difference between your fitness devices and A.I. camera vision?

Trainers Eye was designed for a cheap at home use, where you have the privacy and space for camera workouts. Our devices are high accuracy, and have specialized fitness sensors that unlock a greater part of the app and features. Theyre used in clinics and gyms where you lack space and privacy yet want the best live fitness guidance.

How to get better A.I. Camera results?

The A.I. biomechanics skeleton is only as good as the video quality for finding your joints, muscles and posture. BAD: low lighting, glaring light from windows, hot spots from lamps, camouflaging clothing (white clothes against a white wall, etc).

if something is still not clear ...don't be shy to ask. Others might have the same problems we just need to explain it or explain better :)