how-to use intelliWeights analytics


Why aren’t you making progress? You’ve been doing your reps and sets, and everything looks the same in the mirror. Results, whether muscle gain, toning, fat loss, strength, etc…. have nothing to do with reps, sets and weight. So why are they all you hear about? Its all we were able to measure! Results come from intensity, muscle fatigue, contraction power, effort etc. and now with intelliWeights you can measure all these in real-time. intelliWeights lets you see the invisible, and reach your body goals, with 4 A.I. trainers all using advanced fitness sensors.

intelliWeights is the product of over 100 sports and medical publications, trainers, and engineers over a 3 years period.


What good is a fitness plan that doesn’t know what you're doing and can’t guide you NOW?Months without results to find out you were doing it wrong. Other fitness apps/plans give you only a list of what to do, and can not know HOW you’re doing. intelliWeights has 4 A.I. trainers that constantly monitor your:

  • Power

  • Range

  • Muscle Fatigue

  • Effort Levels

  • Intensity

  • Motion

  • Cadence/Timing 

Tired? We adjust your weight/rep suggestion in real-time. Close to injury? Losing focus? No muscle mind connection? Unsure if you’re on target to your goal? Never again.


You know you have been told how important it is to keep track of your progress! Yet, you don’t. Busy, boring, tedious….. we know. intelliWeights auto records the traditional workout log, plus what no other log can:

  • Real-time effort levels

  • Resistance workout calories, and

  • Correctness of form and range.

Close those loops, get those results!

Effort level can vary due to sleep, hydration, duration, etc and is not a simple 1 rep max test. It constantly changes and is measured throughout your workout.


Be assured you’re making progress. Whether your goal is strength or size, we do the difficult math and science, and you focus on your goal. All automatic, no manual entry.


Weekly view of any missing, under and overworked muscles. See what muscles will grow, maintain or stagnate.

This is a complex measure of weekly intensity on the muscle, it is personalised to you as it tracks your habits through time.


Acalorie is not a calorie.Your body uses Fat and/or sugar depending on intensity, effort, timing of muscle use, and timing of rest period. Get a detailed energy use of your workout beyond just calories.

Depending on your goal, you may want to target sugar/fat specifically. E.g. sugar depleting workouts, or specialized diets.




Although there is 5 new live workouts, POWER is my favourite. It keeps me focused on good powerful muscle contractions. My first red bar popped up and it really got my attention! I tried another… and another until I saw I just didn’t have anymore in me. Even though I wanted to beat my last score, I stopped and stayed away from injury.

Although unnoticeable with the eye, reps vary and that's why todo your results! By having a visual cue as your workout, it connects you deeply to your muscles action. Muscle mind connection. A trending power loss, shows you when to rest. While an objective comparable score can be compared (set to set, and day to day) it also creates a fun competitive game.

This live workout was designed for power/strength workouts, bodybuilding and GLUT4 activation.


Example 2


I thought I was really going hard in the gym, until I used the live fatigue workout. There is no way to be in denial when you see the number. It pushed me farther than I had gone before. Now I know what fatigue feels like.

This live workout was designed for sugar depletion, or "Pump" workouts, final fatiguing that drives blood into the area for growth.