Create & sell modern workouts with intelliweights


What would a modern workout plan be like? Let’s dream...

It could adapt reps in real time? Know when you’re tired, and suggest weight changes? Always keeping you within your goal zone? Auto track workouts, strength and size charts?

Nah, let’s really go futuristic … It would have A.I. that would monitor your neuromuscular fatigue, approximate ammonia and lactic levels without blood samples? Detect muscle motions that indicate when you have reached the right muscular stress for your goals?

intelliWeights is all that! And better yet, its an open trainer platform allowing you to make your workout plans customized for your clients.

intelliWeights is the product of over 100 sports and medical publications, trainers, and engineers over a 3 year period. With special fitness sensors and AI in resistance workouts with effort, intensity, fatigue, cadence, and timing. But we leave the nerdy talk for later.

2. quality over quantity

We have focused on the QUANTITY, when we always knew results came from the QUALITY.

It's not reps, sets and weight but intensity, fatigue, and effort that are the kings of all health and fitness related goals. So why the focus on reps, sets and weight? It’s all we could measure.

intelliWeights measures your biomechanics, muscles and physics … to know the real time quality of your workout.

What good is a workout plan that doesn’t know what you’re doing in real time, when you can fix it?

intelliWeights is a quality focused system. No more workout plans that don’t know you, can’t adapt to you, and don’t know how you are doing.

Lets look at what it can offer your clients:

3. Adaptive Weights

Warm up squat 2x10 25kg

Does this look familiar, a basic 2x10 with 25kg? Which means: “I hope 2 sets is enough to warm you up, and I'm guessing 10 reps depending on how you perform them, and I don’t know you but hope 25kg isn’t too heavy for you, so good luck!”

But with intelliWeights we can now say:

What's the difference? Well, first of all no more guessing weight. Remember this plan adjusts weight in real time. Your workout plan should focus on results and your training skill, not guessing. In a warm up you have always wanted to say “Use a weight thats 60% effort, and move slow and controlled” without the client looking confused. So with intelliWeights now you can.

intelliWeights constantly monitors the muscles reaction to the weight, and an AI suggests a weight, a real LB/Kg, to keep you on target. Even in-between set weight changes as you fatigue through an exercise! No need for a risky 1RM test. This is live, not based on your irrelevant strength from a 3 month old test. Today, based on your current hydration, sleep, mood, focus, etc…. Perfectly personalized.

4. Adaptive reps

Bicep curl 5x12

How many reps should I do? Well….. I don’t know you, but if it was personal training we would add or subtract from this guess in real time. “Give me two more!” But… intelliWeights IS personal training, minus the yelling.

So no weight, and now not even reps?! If you want “5 sets for volume at 85% effort for muscle building” then say that and let intelliWeights verify live when it has measured the appropriate micro and macro muscle motions in order to build muscle. An algorithm checking muscle fatigue, rep power loss, control, etc constantly monitors the client during a power workout, and they will get a live ✅ on screen, when they have received the muscular benefits of the set.

Go lazy and your 12 reps turns to 20, go hard and do 10.

5. Power Scoring

The perfect 10

So you want a fixed volume but half a$$ just won’t do?

This is a complex measure of weekly intensity on the muscle, it is personalised to you as it tracks your habits through time.

You can now set a score, a measure of quality of contraction, as the clients focus during the set. The score, in our power workout, lets the client focus on quality of reps rather than just quantity, with a fun game style scoring. This sets up a minimum allowed quality.

No more: “I did 10 reps, why isn’t it working?”

Easy trainer tools are given to allow you to estimate a clients score based on their goal, and your choices. But if you have worked with them before with the app, you can continue using those values to objectively score set to set, workout to workout. No more feeling based checks.

6. Intensity

Putting intensity back in Hiit !

How do you measure feelings? How can you explain to a beginner what tired feels like without 10 years experience?

You don’t want someone to simply do HIIT for 2 minutes active, and 3 rest. You want to have an intensity goal. How was the quality work of those 2 minutes? Setting and measuring a score during HIIT allows you to not only shift the mentality to intensity rather than simply time, but it is now comparable from round to round.

Let’s be honest … Wasn’t intensity the goal anyway?! Or were you trying to do …. High TIME Interval Training?

Depending on your goal, you may want to target sugar/fat specifically. E.g. sugar depleting workouts, or specialized diets.

Timers were never the point of HIIT, and now, with intelliWeights, we can measure live intensity.

7. Fatigue

It felt hard to me!

So you want hardcore? Switch from our HIIT workout to Depletion and test yourself by focusing on reaching a certain muscular fatigue under a certain time. Now you can specifically target sugar/fat usage within the muscle, and measure what tired feels like.

Now you can measure muscular fatigue in real time. Whether its for depletion, cardio, a desired muscular damage or PUMP style finishing sets … if you can measure it, you can improve it.

8. Set summary

Re-adjust and go !

Not just live analytics, but set summaries give you the feel of being there with them.

After every set, they can see suggestions for rep ranges, form correctness, fatigue levels, check their effort levels, weight change suggestions and goal zones.

9. Mind muscle

Seeing is believing !

See visually what the muscle is doing connects your mind to the muscle. Every rep is different, and scored separately so you can see the difference between the contractions, and power. This stops mindless movements, and enhances workout quality.

  • See power loss in real time, and know when to stop.

  • See uncontrolled, erratic movement in the muscle.

  • See muscular imbalances.

  • See power loss and power step downs

10. Connect

Be known !

  • Just 15% of gym goers use a personal trainer.

  • 75% of ALL Americans (gym goers or not) use at least 1 fitness app.

You do the math.

Most people can’t afford hourly sessions, so you can provide them cheaper workout plans. They see results, and want more personal time whether remote or local.

Most people aren’t in your area, don’t go to your gym, nor could you handle so many privately …. Yet the reach of your workout plan, and name can be international.

Connect more deeply. intelliWeights allows private chats with members while hiding your personal phone number or social media inboxes.It also allows you to see their charts, data and workout info. You can remotely advice with much deeper info than “Did you do 12 ?” See their intensity, fatigue, and effort. See their size and strength charts. Get the info you need to be a better remote trainer.

11. Remote train

Quality stats for quality advice

Your guidance is only as good as your knowledge, and with intelliWeights you get the best in quality based analytics.

  • Intensity muscle maps show you which muscles are progressing, slacking or lacking.

  • Auto tracks complex strength, and size/volume charts

  • Correctness of form, Fatigue, Effort, Intensity

No more guessing their results and guidance with quantity based stats. Remote advice, training, and consultations.


Remember, we have tools and templates for you to design your modern workout plans with intelliWeights.

Build the most modern workout plans:

  • Adaptive reps

  • Adaptive weights

  • Muscle sensing

  • Goal centered

  • Quality centered

  • Personalized day to day, set to set

intelliWeights releases the full power of trainers knowledge and creativity to provide their clients with the best workouts. Design exercises using any intelliWeights fitness indicator and goal for the best results. Mix and match to make your own style.

Do it for your clients!