•            intelliWeights: Real time fitness analysis, real time fitness guidance


    Lifetime Free App Offers:

    • 4 AI trainers- specializing in fatloss, toning, bodybuilding and power lifting
    • Muscle Map
    • Strength Charts
    • Muscle Size Charts
    • 6 New Live Workouts 
    • More To Come... 


    intelliWeights Hardware:

    • ARM Cortex M4F running at 64MHz
    • Bluetooth Low Energy compatible 2.4GHz radio
    • 1 workout week battery life 
    • Concentric Power 
    • Tension Sensor 
    • Muscle intensity
    • Muscle Fatigue
    • Motion Processor
    • Cadence
    • Effort Level


    Includes in box: 

    • intelliWeights
    • Extra 100lb caribiner 

    * Uses a common micro USB cable, to cut down on waste/plastic, please only ask for one if you need one. 


    It sounds like having a personal trainer by your side? That’s because it is: an A.I. trainer that watches your every movement. 


    Buy before its sold out, and go make those gainz'



    up to 100 lb band

    BLE connection to a real-time personal trainer

    progress reports by size and strength


    v01 02 08 2020_00000.jpg

    still not convinced? keep reading!

    Make the invisible visible

    Why aren’t you making progress? You’ve been doing your reps and sets, and everything looks the same in the mirror.

    Results, whether muscle gain, toning, fat loss, strength, etc…. have nothing to do with reps, sets and weight. So why are they all you hear about? Its all we were able to measure! Results come from intensity, muscle fatigue, contraction power, effort etc. and now with intelliWeights you can measure all these in real-time.

    real-time guidance

    What good is your fitness plan, if it does'nt know what you're doing and can’t guide you NOW?

    Months without results to find out you were doing it wrong. Other fitness apps/plans give you only a list of what to do, and can not know HOW you’re doing. intelliWeights has 4 A.I. trainers that constantly monitor your:

    • Power

    • Range

    • Muscle Fatigue

    • Effort Levels

    • Intensity

    • Motion

    • Cadence/Timing

    auto log

    how does auto record sound to you? no manual entries, no lost memories of what you did.

    What if we told you that beyond the traditional workout log, for the first time ever, you can also log:

    • Real-time effort levels

    • Resistance workout calories, and

    • Correctness of form and range.

    auto progress & muscle map

    A simple view of complicated math and science.

    Weekly muscle intensity of any lacking, slacking, and growing. See what muscles will grow, maintain or stagnate.

    Strength charts track more than simple weight, but the effort at which you lift even at lower than max. This allows you to avoid injury while always progressing.

    While Size charts are the work volume of the muscle to ensure growth.

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