the first weightlifting computer

intelliWeights gymPro was designed in a way to seamlessly fit on any weight machine. With an initial set up of 3 minutes, you will quickly forget that it wasn't always there, the only reminder will be the experience of your clients. 

computer checks motion, safety 13x per second!

drone technology

bluetooth communication

auto on/off

synchronizes with your gym schedule

interactive logo

touchless fitness sensors

rechargeable battery

the tech you didn't know was possible


ios and android


fitness sensors

drone technology

security lock

unlimited free member app

3 minute setup

4 workouts




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Making the invisible visible

A 3 minute setup brings your weight machine to the tech experience that clients are used to, at the 1/10th of one new machine.


Tracking progress allows to fight retention rate, while the innovative, science based technology puts you ahead of competition

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The smart upgrade

for your gym