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the evolution of training tech

all new workouts:

Power, Fatique, HIIT, Cadence,Peer,

intelliWeights PEER

Why intelliweights?

an automatic workout

Record: You focus on your workout, we focus on your progress...

Muscle Fatigue: Push for results, pull away from injury!

Score: Don’t just count reps, make every rep count. Objective comparable scores. 

Zone: Always stay optimal for your goal...

Progress: Charts and muscle maps of you

an AI trainer for your needs


making the invisible visible


3 apps according to your needs

automatic recording

3 months progress record

4 virtual trainers

intelli selfie

no limits

new workouts

trainer connection

social networking


distance tracking

workout store

global market


The intelliWeights trainers constantly assess your fitness level in order so you get the most benefit of your training. Your strength is not  constant , it is influenced by several factors. The monitoring is based on your actual fitness level at that specific time at that specific exercise.

With several workout styles intelliWeights not only makes sure that you can track your favorite workout, but we also plan on keeping you committed, challenged and on the track of progress, wether you want to lose weight, tone, build muscle or increase your strength.  


at your level


Adjust every step to your goal

power? Don’t just count them - make every rep count, with “maximum concentric contraction”.

fatigue? Know where it’s good and avoid injury!

HIIT? Auto timers, and Scores! Easily compare HIIT workouts and your progress.

cadence? Keeps the muscle under tension, times and controlled. 

Peer? Want to get competitive - challenge a friend to a live scored set!